Cherry Flavour Oil

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Description: Lip Balm Oils are great when your recipe calls for oil soluble ingredients. Refrigeration Recommended Upon Receipt to extend the life of the oil.


Format: Liquid flavour oil.


Common Uses: Lip Balm, Body Butters (as fragrance),  edible body products and melt and pour soap . 


Usage Rate: from 0.5% to 3% maximum, of total ingredients in application. A bit of experimentation may be necessary. It is always best to start low and work up to the desired level of flavor, as overflavoring is fairly common with these concentrated flavor oils.  Oil soluble.


INCI: Aroma (we previously had the INCI as Flavour, which is correct in the USA, but is not the proper term in Canada).


Actual Ingredients, although it only has to be labelled as "aroma": Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Olive Oil, Natural and Organic Flavors. **ALLERGY INFORMATION: Please note these flavour oils may contain , but are not limited to Natural Coconut Oil, Natural Olive Oil, Natural Canola Oil and Natural Palm Fruit Oil**.


Creative Idea! Mix this with Chocolate or Cheesecake for a unique flavour creation all your own!!




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