Chase Creative Molds

These molds are created by Chase Creative Molds out of the USA and are a Canadian exclusive to Creations from Eden Inc at this time. The flex material that these molds are made from (or silicone in some varieties) is a production tool suitable for all styles of soap making, wax and gels. Chase expects their flex material to last for up to 5 years of daily production when appropriate care is taken.


At Creations from Eden we are amazed with the flexibility, durability and ease of use of these molds. They are unbelievably easy to remove soap and the detail in each mold comes through in every bar. We have tested these molds repeatedly (even a 3 year old could not break them!) and have found that we can turn them completely inside out (although I wouldn't do this often, it can weaken the mold and produce hairline cracks eventually), freeze them, roll them up and they do not break or warp. They are a high quality product I think every soapmaker, whether it be Cold process or Melt and Pour will find wonderful to use.


Tip: To balance the soap mold for an even pour, place it in a cake pan filled with dry rice.


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