Blue Ultramarine

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A classic, basic blue pigment.


Historically, ultramarine blue was made by grinding down the semi-precious stone, lapis lazuli.


For cosmetic manufacture, however, ultramarine blue is manufactured in the lab. Kaolin (China) Clay, sodium carbonate and sulpher are mixed together and heated in a kiln to get the characteristic blue shade.


The "raw" blue is then treated to remove impurities.


If you work with Ultramarine Blue, please note that the color can develop a "rotten egg" smell due to the presence of sulphur. This smell develops if the pH is above 6. To eliminate, keep the pH below 6 or add an acid resistant, and keep your pH above 6.5.  It does disappear in time as the soap cures.


Soap Stability:  Stable in cold process soap, and melt and pour soap. 


Health Canada Approval: Eyes, Face and Nails, NOT lips.


Creations from Eden Inc. is an authorized distributor of TKB Trading LLC’s colourants.


**The picture is to show the colour of the product, not the format it is packaged.**

***Big Thank you to Sacha from Pipestone Soaps for supplying a picture of her Cold Process Soap using the Ultramarine Blue.***


**The second picture is Menthol Soap made with Coral Reef Blue and Blue Ultramarine.  The Blue is the darker colour in the soap.**

INCI: CI 77007

CAS#: 57455-37-5

Warnings: Wash hands after handling.


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