Citrus Soap Essential Oils Pack

This Citrus Soap Essential Oils Pack contains 30 mL each of the common citrus essential oils used in soapmaking.  We have included Litsea Cubeba Essential Oil in this pack to anchor the citrus scents.  Blend .1% (or more) with other citrus essential oils to help anchor the scent in cold process soap.  Save 15% over purchasing each individually!


  • Grapefruit, Pink, Essential Oil, USA
  • Lemon Essential Oil, Italy
  • Lime, Distilled, Essential Oil, Mexico
  • Litsea Cubeba Essential Oil, China
  • Orange 10x, Decolorized, Canada


Note:  The quantity of essential oil used in cold process soapmaking is subjective, but 15 mL total essential oil (approximately half an ounce by weight*) per pound of soap will tend to give you a subtle scent in the finished product.  22 mL (or approximately 3/4 of an ounce by weight*) of essential oil per pound of soap is the general rule people use.  It does depend on the essential oil (a base note for instance, requires less, whereas the citrus scents (top notes) require more... blending a base and a top generally produces a better scent throw).  Examples of this would be Lime (top) and Ginger (base), Orange (top) and Clove (base), etc.  

Taste is somewhat subjective and takes trial and error to get the scent throw you want in the finished product.  Essential oils tend to require a larger quantity than fragrance oils being that essential oils are organic compounds that do not fully make it through the entire soapmaking process (due to the lye). 


* When making CP Soap you want to go by weight when adding essential oils.  The volume measurements are an approximation as all essential oils vary in their gm/mL due to specific gravity.  

Please see each essential oils listing for detailed information and safety info.  

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