Anise Star Essential Oil, China

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Anise Star Essential Oil (Illicium verum) has an aroma which is intensely sweet and is erroneously described as licorice-like. Though Anise oils are used to flavor licorice products they have nothing in common with pure licorice root or extract. Experts describe the flavors of the two materials as "widely different."


Name:  Anise Star Essential Oil, China

Species:  Illicium verum (anise) oil

Plant Part:  Fruit

Extraction Method:  Steam Distillation

Country of Origin:  China

Colour:  Pale Yellow

Note:  Middle

Strength of Aroma:  Strong


Blends well with:  Rose, lavender, orange, pine and other spice oils like clove.


Safety precautions:   Star Anise Oil is narcotic and slows circulation when used in large doses due to the methyl chavicol content.   Risk of sensitization.  Avoid in pregnancy and with female cancers.  


Other information:   Not to be confused with Aniseseed




Class:  Phenolic Ether



  •     Monoterpenes:  limonene, terpines
  •     Phenol methyl -ethers: chavicol, cisanethole (<0.1%), trans-anethole (up to 89%), trans-isoeugenol
  •     Aldehydes: anisaldehyde
  •     Alcohols: terpinen-4-ol, terpineol

    Others: Cineole, safrole, anisic acid


CAS#:  8007-70-3

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