Patchouli oil, Dark Indonesian, Indonesia

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Patchouli Dark Indonesian isn't quite as dark and is fresher newer material than the Reserve Select, however the dollar value is excellent. The Patchouli alcohol content is around 33 percent which is one of the GC markers of a good patchouli. 


Name:  Patchouli Oil, Dark Indonesian 

Species:  Pogostemon cablin oil

Plant Part:  Leaf

Extraction Method:  Steam Distillation

Country of Origin:  Indonesia

Colour:  Dark Brown

Note:  Base

Strength of Aroma:  Medium


Blends well with:  bergamot, clary sage, geranium, lavender and myrrh.  Blend this in a 4:1 blend with our Lavender French Fine High Alt (Lavender: Patchouli) for a wonderful blend!


Safety precautions:  Non-toxic, non-irritant, non-sensitizing.


Other information:  


Class:  Sesquiterpenol

CAS#:  8014-09-3

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