Rosewood Essential oil, (Renewable Source), Brazil

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Rosewood Essential oil (Aniba rosaeodora) is a sweet floral aroma that blends well with woods and other floral oils. This particular variety is harvested from renewable sources.


Name:  Rosewood oil, (Renewable Source), Brazil

Species:  Aniba rosaeodora (rosewood) oil

Plant Part:  Wood

Extraction Method:  Steam Distillation

Country of Origin:  Brazil

Colour:  Clear with a Yellow Tinge

Note:  Middle

Strength of Aroma:  Medium


Blends well with:   Rosewood blends well with other woods and florals.


Safety precautions:  Non-irritant, non-sensitizer, non-toxic.


Other information:   Rosewood is considered endangered, however Creations from Eden sources our Rosewood (as we do with all of our products) from renewable sources that do not contribute to the species demise.


Class:  Monoterpenol

CAS#:  8015-77-8



Name %
Linalool 80.34


alpha-Cubebene 2.78


alpha-Terpineol 2.23


delta-Cadinene 1.40


beta-Selinene 1.36


alpha-Selinene 1.25


cis-Linalool oxide 1.25


1,8-Cineole 1.23


trans-Linalool oxide (unknown isomer) 1.18


alpha-Pinene 0.70


Geraniol 0.67


Caryophyllene oxide 0.50


gamma-Selinene 0.49


Germacrene D 0.49


Cyperene 0.48


Spathulenol 0.47


Limonene 0.41


beta-Pinene 0.39


beta-Caryophyllene 0.39


Nerolidol (unknown isomer) 0.30


alpha-Muurolene 0.25


Nerol 0.18


Terpinen-4-ol 0.17


alpha-Humulene 0.11




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