Tangerine Essential Oil, USA

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Tangerine oil, USA is sweet, pleasant and has a fresh peel characteristic aroma. The color is bright orange. 


Name:  Tangerine oil, USA

Species:  Citrus reticulata (Tangerine) Peel oil

Plant Part:  Peel

Extraction Method:  Expressed

Country of Origin:  USA

Colour:  Bright Orange

Note:  Top

Strength of Aroma:  Medium


Blends well with:  Coming Soon.


Safety precautions:  Coming Soon.


Other information:   


CAS#:  8014-31-9


Name %
Limonene 92.35


beta-Phellandrene 2.20


gamma-Terpinene 1.34


alpha-Pinene 0.96


para-Cymene 0.83


Sabinene 0.78


Decanal 0.28


Linalool 0.22


Octanal 0.20


Tricyclene 0.18


alpha-Sinensal 0.10


alpha-Thujene 0.06


Terpinolene 0.05




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