Fundraising & Private Label Opportunities

At Creations from Eden we are giving everyone the chance to sell personalized skincare products.  We have recently started selling finished soap to those that wish to label, market and sell.  This makes Creations from Eden the manufacturer, lessening the insurance requirements needed to enter the skin care industry (as a manufacturer) and less paperwork is involved being we fill out the notifications required by the government.  The seller still must follow all rules pertaining to labelling the cosmetic as written in the Canadian Cosmetic Regulations.   (This also means that we must be on the label as the manufacturer).  Soap is available in an uncut log so you can cut it, or we can cut into 1 inch bars.  The pricing you see is for the basic unscented soap recipe.  If you require colourants or scent additional charges will apply.  

Schools, organizations and those that require the soap for fundraising reasons, we can match the soap scent and colour to your needs.  We also have a stock label we can print for your bars that will show your logo and all correct information that pertains to Health Canada regulations.  Please contact us for more information.


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