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To purchase a gift certificate please contact us (or add this item to your shopping cart and we will contact you for more information) as our shopping cart does not handle this product properly at this time.  We can do a certificate in any dollar amount.  If the certificate is for an existing customer, we will credit the account the dollar value (we will leave the notification of the gift up to you) and mail out a Gift Certificate via regular mail to an address of your choosing. For new customers, we will need their name and email/phone number to set up an account that will be credited.  Please read over the terms and conditions and redemption rules prior to purchase.  



Terms & Conditions:


  • Upon purchase this Gift Certificate was credited to an account in the recipient's name.  Because of this, Gift Certificates are non-transferable and their resale is prohibited.  
  • Your Gift Certificate can be used solely to pay for stocked items (special order and preorder items are excluded) sold on Creations from Eden's website.  Gift Certificates are valid for classes ran by Creations from Eden.
  • To redeem the value associated with your Gift Certificate you will be required to provide your Gift Certificate number in the comments field during the checkout process.
  • You cannot redeem this Gift Certificate for cash.
  • Creations from Eden does not have a store front.  Gift Certificates can only be redeemed on our website or via telephone order.
  • Any unused value will remain on your Gift Certificate (in your account) until spent.
  • If the amount of your order exceeds the value remaining on the Gift Certificate, you will be required to pay for the balance via PayPal or Credit Card.
  • You may use more than one Gift Certificate at a time.




  • No fees will be charged in connection with your Gift Certificate
  • Gift Certificate recipients cannot redeem the Gift Certificates for cash.
  • No refunds will be given on Gift Certificates.
  • Expiration: Creations from Eden Gift Certificates do not expire and no fees apply.
  • To redeem your Gift Certificate, please go to and indicate in the comments field upon checkout your Gift Certificate number and the dollar amount you wish to apply to your purchase.  


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