Alkanet Root Powder, Wild Harvested

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Alkanet root, in skin care, is primarily used as a natural colourant.  It gives lip balm, ointments, and lotions a pink to burgundy colour.  In soap, Alkanet root will yield shades of pink, blue, and purple, depending upon the amount used, types of oil used, and the alkalinity of the soap.

Common Name(s):  Alkanet Root, Hoary puccoon, Dyer's bugloss


INCI Name: Alkanna Tinctoria


Plant Part:  Root


Instructions:  For oil based products, infuse oil by placing approximately 1 TBSP in ¼ cup of oil.  Shake or stir daily for a few days, then strain Alkanet root out.  Gentle heat may be used to help speed up the process.  Ratio of Alkanet to oil will need to be altered according to product being made, adjust amounts as necessary.


Precautions:  For external use only. Do not apply to broken or abraded skin.

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