Annatto Seed Powder, Organic

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Common Name(s):  Annato Seed Powder,  achiote, annata, beninoki, jarak belanda, kam tia, kangaram, kesumba, latka, roucou, sa ti, yan zhi shu, and yin ju shyu.


Latin Name: Bixa orellana seed


Plant Part:  Seed


Common Uses:  Generally used as a natural colourant in skin care, annatto seed gives a yellow to orange colour in soap and skin care products.  It may also have antioxidant properties that protect DNA from mutations induced by UV light, superoxides, or peroxides.


Instructions:  For oil based products, infuse oil by placing approximately 1 TBSP in ¼ cup of oil.  Shake or stir daily for a few days, then strain Annato out.  Gentle heat may be used to help speed up the process.  Ratio of Annato to oil will need to be altered according to product being made, adjust amounts as necessary.


Precautions:  Allergies to annatto in the context of an organic, whole foods diet are unheard of. Sensitivities to all food colorants, including annatto, may occur if there is also sensitivity to BHA, BHT, and artificial red and yellow dyes.


***Please note:  We purchase this product as a Certified Organic product.  Once we repack it, it loses all certification as we do not have our certification.  If you need a certified product for your product claims (meaning you are also certified), we are unable to provide you with this.  For those of you who would like to have a product that was harvested organically, this is the product for you.  For more information on making Organic claims please click here.



The intense red color of the seed is due to bixin in the seed coat. Annato also contains very high concentrations of carotenoids, chemicals in the same class as alpha- and beta-carotene.

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