Benzoin Powder, Wild Harvested

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Common Name(s):  Styrax benzoin, benjamin gum, barley gum, styrax gum


Latin Name: Styrax benzoin


Plant Part:  The gum, dissolved in tinctures of alcohol. Or for manufactured products it may be applied to cosmetic creations as directed.


Common Uses:  Sumatra Benzoin (which is the type we carry) is customarily used for medicinal and pharmaceutical preparations.  Benzoin has a vanilla like aroma that is often used in the fragrance industry and used for incense.  It is also added to soap to increase the throw and staying power of the fragrance added.  It has preservation properties and acts as a preservative booster (not to be confused with a preservative on it's own).  


Precautions:  Store benzoin in a tightly closed container that is no more than half full. Open only in a room with good ventilation.  Benzoin can be sensitizing, use with care.



CAS# 9000-73-1

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