Drum Splitting (Bulk)

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Due to the increase in quantity of items our customers have been inquiring about and knowing that not everyone can accept drum quantities due to size and equipment needed to empty the contents, Creations from Eden now offers a drum splitting service.  


How does it work?

If you are thinking a drum is the right quantity of product (55 gallon drums range from 125 Kg for powder to 250 Kg for glycerine and dense product), but do not have the ability to accept a drum due to your location, Creations from Eden can accept delivery and split the contents into the packaging you require (no smaller than a 4L Jug for liquids or 5 Kg quantity for solids).  We have access to most cosmetic products you require via our relationships with various distributors and can give you bulk pricing on drum quantity.  


What determines the cost?

We determine the splitting cost by factoring in the following:

  • The type of equipment needed:
    • heaters $5/day - Palm oil needs up to a week to melt fully, Coconut oil 2 days, Glycerine needs a day to make it flow easier.   
    • pumps $30 - we use clean disposable pumps every product and lot to avoid cross contamination.
    • respirators - depends on the type and cartridges needed for the job.
    • other equipment necessary within the scope of the product.
  • Packaging
    • 5 gallon pails
    • 4 L jugs
    • bags 
    • etc 
  • The labour units required to empty the drum - Coconut and Palm oil require about an hour and a half to empty @ $35/hour, for instance.  Glycerine takes roughly 3 hours due to its viscosity. (This is assuming 5 gallon pails).


Some product takes a couple of hours to completely empty a drum (as is the case for coconut oil, almond oil and other light, non-foamy products), others take many hours (such as some powders and extremely foamy surfactants), it depends on the nature of the product.  There is a minimum charge of $100 to empty any product.


Some products we will not split, due to health reasons and lack of appropriate ventilation for that product.


Our cost formula is quite simple and we work out a per unit cost for you.  So basically you tell us what you want, and how you want it packaged, we then source it out and give you the per Kg price.  If the drum is a 181 kg drum then the final price is determined by the per unit price multiplied by 181.    


Payment for the product is due prior to Creations from Eden placing the product order. The splitting cost is due upon completion of the service performed.  


If you are interested in this service, please contact us for a quote.  


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