Preorders (Current)

Here you will find a list of our current preorders and co-op type buys.  They will be posted in this section until the minimums are either met, or the date they are no longer valid.  Some items are here for only 24 hours or so as we need to get our order in quickly, but we always post our preorders on our Facebook Page, so you can always see what is happening there.


**Preorder Rules & Terms**

  1. Preorders that are not being packaged with an existing web order will be subject to the small order fee for our time and packaging.  The small order fee on preorders will be waived if an existing order above the $25 minimum criteria is to be picked up/shipped at the same time. 
  3. Preorders must be ordered separately (refer to the above for waiving the $10 small order fee).
  5. Preorders are prepaid, however, whether you supply a credit card number or PayPal authorization, the money won't be "captured" until we go to order the product.  So although you are providing us with a commitment to purchase, you can rest assured you won't be spending anything until the preorder is confirmed.  You will receive a sales confirmation via email, prior to our accepting your payment and our placing the order.  There are absolutely no terms on preorder pricing, all items must be paid for prior to us placing our order!


  7. The time frame from when we post the preorder until when we place our order depends on the item and how long it takes to hit the minimum.  Generally we let a preorder run for a few weeks even if the minimums have been met to allow others to join and reduce our freight.
  8. Preorders are subject to the 2% online discount, but are not subject to the 5% volume discount.  If it happens that your cart results in over $500 worth of preorders, your invoice will reflect the 2% discount, not the 5%.  They are not subject to any other promotions.  The price less 2% is the price, plain and simple.  Guild discounts do not apply to preorders.
  10. The price in the listing may be higher than the finishing price.  This can be due to a higher interest in the item than we had originally thought and thus a lower freight cost per Kg.  We attempt to start on the high side.  On occassion we may end up estimating lower than the completed cost.  In these instances we will get your approval on any additional charges prior to committing you to the price of the item.  


Scheduled Preorders

  • Essential Oils- Order is being tallied and placed.  


Preorders with no set date as of yet as we are waiting on minimums.

  •  None


Other information?

If you are interested in getting in on one of our preorders, please do!  The only way many of these items happen and are available in our regular stock line up is by people telling us they want the items on this page.  


Generally speaking preorders are roughly 25% lower in cost than our stocked website items, this is due to the fact we do not have to finance or store the inventory, which makes a large difference on our overall cost.  


Our "Bagged butters" are exclusive to preorders.  They are exactly like they say, they are a large chunk of butter that come in a plastic bag rather than cut up for you and put into a container (like we sell on the website).  They are less costly because you have to do the work and packaging is minimal.


What is a Co-op type buy?

We are trying something new at CfE.  We realize not everyone wants the quantities we post on the website, so we are offering some products at a per lb or per Kg  price, rather than full quantity.  These items you can take a single lb or Kg or up to as many as you would like at the same per lb or Kilogram price.  We do have minimums that need to be met, however so keep in mind unless we meet these minimums, the Co-op will be cancelled.

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