Arrowroot Powder, Organic

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Arrowroot powder is often used as a substitute for talcum in baby powder, body powders and dusting powders.


Common Name(s):  Arrowroot Powder, Organic,  Araruta, Maranta Starch, Maranta Indica, Maranta Ramosissima


Latin Name: Maranta arundinacea


Plant Part:  Rhizome


Instructions:  Use as you would talcum or any other powder in your formula.


Precautions:  None


***Please note:  We purchase this product as a Certified Organic product.  Once we repack it, it loses all certification as we do not have our certification.  If you need a certified product for your product claims (meaning you are also certified), we are unable to provide you with this.  For those of you who would like to have a product that was harvested organically, this is the product for you.  For more information on making Organic claims please click here.




Starch, Fiber, Sugar, Gum, Ash, Sand

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