Amphosol CG (Cocamidopropyl Betaine) Surfactant

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Amphosol CG is a surfactant used in shampoos, bubble baths and liquid hand soaps. It provides good foaming and foam liquid stabilization with excellent wetting properties and is compatible with anionic, cationic, and nonionic surfactants. AMPHOSOL CG is 100% coconut oil based and biodegradable.


Functional Properties

• Primary or Secondary Surfactant •  Humectant 

• Foam Booster • Antistatic Agent 

• Viscosity Builder • Compatible with anionics, nonionics and cationics


Format:  Light yellow foamy liquid.


Common Uses:

• Bubble Baths • Hand Soaps 

• Hair Conditioners • Cleansing Creams & Lotions 

• Cream Rinses • Shower Gels 

• Shampoos • Baby Products 

• Pet Shampoos 


INCI: Cocamidopropyl Betaine.


For more information about this product please go to  Amphosol CG  

Manufacturer Safety Precautions:

  • gloves and safety goggles should be employed when handling AMPHOSOL  CG.  Contact with the eyes and prolonged contact with the skin should be avoided.  Wash thoroughly after handling material.


Safety data according to the Cosmetic Ingredient Review Panel:

  • Safe as used in rinse off products, but maximum 3% in leave on products.


CAS#: 61789-40-0 


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