Cetrimonium Chloride 30%

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AMMONYX CETAC-30 (Cetrimonium Chloride) is an aqueous solution of cetyl trimethyl ammonium chloride.  It is considered 29.5% active, giving it the 30 designation.  It possesses pronounced conditioning, softening, and emolliency characteristics. It is used in hair conditioners, rinses and skin creams and lotions. It may also be used as cationic emulsifiers.


Functional Properties

• Antistatic Agent • Suspending Agent 

• Cleansing Agent • Conditioning Agent 

• Emulsifying Agent • Wetting Agent


Format:  Clear liquid.


Common Uses:

• Hair Conditioners 

• Hair Styling Aids 

• Creams and Lotions


Usage rate:  .5% to 10%


INCI: Cetrimonium Chloride .



Manufacturer Safety Precautions:

  • gloves and safety goggles should be employed when handling AMMONYX CETAC 30.  Contact with the eyes and prolonged contact with the skin should be avoided.  Wash thoroughly after handling material.


Safety data according to the Cosmetic Ingredient Review Panel:

  • Safe as used in rinse off products, but maximum 0.25% in leave on products.


CAS#: 112-02-7

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