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Glycerin or glycerine is a humectant that draws moisture to the skin and is an excellent addition to any lotion recipe, generally in the water phase. Our glycerin is vegetable based, USP grade and kosher.


Please note:  If you order the 20 Kg, you will recieve 4 x 5 Kg (4 L) jugs.  


Format:  Clear viscous liquid.  5 Kg is approximately 4 L.


Common Uses:  Lotions and creams. 


Solubility: Insoluble in water, soluble in alcohol


Usage Rate: 2 to 5%


INCI:  Glycerin

Safety according to the Cosmetic Ingredient Review Panel:

  • Not yet tested.


Safety according to Health Canada:

  • Glycerin is listed on the hotlist, however it states "Manufacturers of oral and leave-on products containing glycerin must ensure the raw material used is within the specifications of an accepted pharmacopoeia with respect to diethylene glycol (DEG) impurities (e.g. Glycerin Official Monograph in the most current edition of the USP)".  Creations from Eden stocks USP grade, vegetable based glycerin, so it is safe for use.  


Certificate of Analysis:

 To view the certificate of analysis click HERE.


CAS#: 56-81-5


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