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Cocoa Butter, Natural, Organic is a nicely fragrant form of unrefined cocoa butter. This natural version has a nice creamy yellowish color and has the most appealing chocolate aroma. It has a typical cocoa butter texture: hard butter but will melt in your hand. Once it is melted and used in a formulation, it gives excellent moisturizing character to the finished product. 


This product is in wafer form this time.


Common Uses: Cocoa butter offers superior softness, temperature stability, and consistency for a broad range of applications.  When applied to the skin, cocoa butter melts smoothly, resulting in a long-lasting, soft skin feel.


Usage:  Up to 100%, although being a very hard butter, less is recommended.


INCI: Theobroma cacao (Cocoa) seed butter.


**Please note**  We purchase this product as a certified organic product however once we open it and repack it, it loses all certification as we do not have our Organic certification.  If you need a certified organic product, please purchase elsewhere.  For more on Organic certification and how it may apply to you click here.  


Shelf Life:  2 to 3 years when stored in a cool, dry, dark place.


CAS# 8002-31-1 

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