Jojoba Oil, Golden, Organic

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Jojoba Oil (Simmondsia chinensis) is considered non-comedogenic and non-allergenic and it provides a wonderful silky after feel to your lotions, creams, balms and other creations at a low percentage.  In reality is not an oil, it is actually a liquid wax.  The tannins in Jojoba oil offer anti-oxidant and astringent properties and the fatty alcohols can soothe extremely dry skin.  It is considered a great addition to hair care products as it penetrates the skin through the hair follicles and forms a non-occlusive layer on our scalp and hair.  Jojoba oil may cloud if it gets cold, but bringing it back to room temp will remedy this. 


Aroma:  Little to none.


Colour:  Golden, honey colour.


Consistency:  Thin and light


Common Uses:  Jojoba Oil is often used in both skin care and hair care.


Usage Rate:  Generally used up to 10% in formulas due to it's price.  


INCI: Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil


Shelf Life:  Indefinite. 


Please note:  we purchase this product as Certified Organic material, however when we open and repack the product, it loses all certification being that we do not have our certification.  The reason it is listed as organic is so you know what you are purchasing.  




Safety data according to the Cosmetic Ingredient Review:

  • Safe as used up to 25% in formulas.


Fatty Acid Profile:


  • Palmitoleic (C16:1): 2%
  • Stearic: 7%
  • Oleic:14 to 25%
  • Gadoleic (C20:1): 37%
  • Erucic&(C22:1): 20%


SAP Value:  86-96


Specific Gravity: .862


CAS# 61789-91-1

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