Pomegranate Oil, Pure, Cold Pressed

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This amazing oil, which is derived from pomegranate seeds, has powerful anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and moisturizing properties when applied topically. It is said to treat conditions such as acne and skin inflammation and help improve skin elasticity. The moisturizing effect can protect against wrinkles and it is non-comedogenic, meaning that it does not block pores. It helps fade skin pigmentation, whether caused by acne or age.  It helps with skin elasticity and is an excellent addition to anti-aging formulas as it provides an instance face lift. 


Aroma:  Little to none.


Colour:  Yellow


Consistency:  Light, dry oil.  


Usage Rates: Up to 5-10%.


INCI: Punica granatum (pomegranate) seed oil


Shelf Life: 24 months, when stored in a cool, dark, dry location.

Fatty Acid Content: 

  • Palmitic: 2%
  • Stearic: 12%
  • Oleic: 15.7%
  • Linoleic: 7%
  • Punicic acid (C18:3): 64%


CAS#: 84961-57-9

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