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This Shea Butter, Natural is a natural (unrefined) butter made from the kernels of the Shea nut tree, Butyrospermum parkii, found in Ghana, Africa. Traditionally, it has been used in Africa as a medicinal balm for rheumatism, muscle aches, burns, and light wounds. Its unique fatty acid composition makes it a suitable emollient for many-skin-care applications, such as baby-care products, massage creams, make-up, and similar products. One unique characteristic of Shea butter is its content of unsaponiables (up to 8%) which imparts soothing properties and provides extra sun protection.  Shea butter contains large quantities of Vitamin E, allantoin, as well as many other important constituents making it a wonderful butter with skin softening, moisturizing, regenerating and skin soothing properties.  It melts at body temperature and has a three year life span.  


Usage Guidelines:

  • Lotions and Creams: 3 - 5%
  • Balms: 5 - 100%
  • Soap: 3 - 6%
  • Hair Conditioner: 2 - 5 %


INCI: Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter


Shelf Life:  3 years when stored in a cool, dry, dark location.


Randi's Comments:  This shea butter has a slight yellow tinge and a slight smoky scent (that is nice, not overwhelming).  It absorbs nicely, is creamy and leaves a nice finish after it absorbs.  This is NOT our usual African natural shea, this is from a different supplier, although it's still beautiful.  


***Please note:  We purchase this product as a Certified Organic product.  Once we repack it, it loses all certification as we do not have our certification.  If you need a certified product for your product claims (meaning you are also certified), we are unable to provide you with this.  For those of you who would like to have a product that was harvested organically, this is the product for you.  For more information on making Organic claims please click here.

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