Cetearyl Alcohol NF

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Cetearyl alcohol (also known as cetostearyl alcohol and cetylstearyl alcohol) is a blend of cetyl and stearyl alcohols used to stabilize and thicken formulas.  It is used the same as cetyl alcohol (co-emulsifier and thickener), but is said to impart a greater emolliency to the skin.  


INCI: Cetearyl alcohol 


Appearance: White pastilles


Solubility: Oil soluble, add to your heated oil phase.


Usage Guidelines:  1 to 25% of the formula.


Shelf Life: Indefinite





Cosmetic Ingredient Review safety information:

  • Safe when used up to 25% in our formulas.


HLB Value: 15.5


Melting Point: 49°C to 58°C


CAS#  885-55-5, 67762-27-0


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