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Cetyl Alcohol is an emollient and emulsion stabilizer used widely in cosmetics to help hold fats and oils in creams and lotions. It acts as a thickener and co-emulsifier.  It is an excellent addition to hair conditioners formulated with BTMS, as they work in conjunction with each other to improve substantivity in the finished product.  Cetyl alcohol can be used in place of stearic acid in most formulas and provides a nicer finish with better glide.


INCI:  Cetyl Alcohol


Appearance:  White Pastilles


Solubility: Oil soluble, add to the heated oil phase of your formula.


Usage Guidelines: 

  • Lotions and Creams:  Up to 5 %
  • Hair conditioners:  Use half the amount of BTMS in your formula, so if you add 8% BTMS, use 4% cetyl alcohol.


Shelf Life:  Indefinite


Kosher Quality.






Cosmetics Ingredient Review safety information:  

  • as safe when used up to 50% of the formula.


Hydroliphic group: Non-ionic


HLB Value:  15.5


Melting Point:  49°C


CAS#: 36653-82-4


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