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Emulsifying Wax NF is an economical self-emulsifying wax which produces very stable emulsions in creams & lotions. E-Wax enables oils and butters to be easily emulsified with water to create a wide variety of personal care products. Can be used in any recipe that calls for an emulsifying wax.  Vegetable derived (Cetearyl Alcohol and Polysorbate 60).


Our Emulsifying Wax NF is derived from plant based fatty alcohols. It is self-emulsifying, highly stable in acidic and basic media, and is highly compatible with most cosmetic and pharmaceutical ingredients. Emulsifying Wax NF is low in odor, and has a broad range of applications. Low concentrations of Emulsifying Wax NF will improve the consistency and stability of emulsions.


Format: White Flakes


Usage: 3 to 6 % of your total formula weight.


INCI: Emulsifying Wax N.F

Safety data according to the Cosmetic Ingredients Review Panel:

  • "Safe as used" up to 21% of the formula.



To view the MSDS sheet click here.

To view the manufacturer's postion on animal testing click here.

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