Stearic Acid Triple Pressed (Vegetable Based)

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Stearic acid is used as a co-emulsifier thickening agent in lotion and also as a hardening agent in soaps and candles.  Our Stearic acid is purely vegetable based.  Stearic acid is used in lotions and creams much the same was as cetyl alcohol, however if overused it does cause drag. Our stearic acid is vegetable derived.


Format: White flakes or beads (depends on lot we have at the time).



  • As a hardening agent in soap: 0.5%
  • As a thickener or co-emulsifier in lotion: Up to 5%.


INCI: Stearic Acid

Safety data according to the Cosmetic Ingredients Review Panel:

  • Safe as used up to 50%.


CAS#: 57-11-4


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