Coconut Oil 76 Degree, Organic (Preorder)

ETA (Sometimes it takes longer due to unforeseen circumstances, other times it takes only a few days.)  Last week of September 2018 provided the preorder sells well.  Possibly sooner if it moves fast.  0/18 pails presold.


Our Organic* RBD Coconut Oil comes from the seeds of Cocos Nucifera and is primarily cultivated in Southeast Asia. One of the most common raw materials used in the soap and toiletry industry it is colorless and odorless and is used to give cold process soap a rich lather..  It is Kosher, Non GMO, and expeller pressed.  


Aroma:  Little to none.


Colour: Clear when liquid,  White when solid.


Consistency:  Solid at temperatures below 76 degrees fahrenheit (hence the reason it is called coconut oil 76), liquid at temperatures above.


Common Uses:  Ideal for general purposes to have the benefits of coconut oil but without the interference of flavor and aroma typical of virgin oil and without the chemical processing from refined coconut oil. Excellent for cooking and for natural skin care products. Coconut Oil (cocos nucifera) is most often used in soap making as it provides incredible lather and adds hardness to the soap.  When used in moderation it provides moisturizing properties to the bar.  


INCI: Cocos nucifera (coconut) seed oil


Shelf Life:  Our coconut oil has a shelf life of two years or better when stored in a cool, dark place. This may not be the same for all suppliers as it depends on the grade. The higher the grade, the longer the shelf life..


* We purchase this product as a certified organic coconut oil and a food grade product.  When we break the drum seal it loses both certifications being that we do not have our organic certification or our food handler certification.  We provide this information to you only so you know what we purchased and what you will be purchasing.

*We do not have our food handlers permit and although we purchase this product as food grade, we cannot sell it as such.  We provide this information to you only so you know what we purchased and what you will be purchasing.


* Please enquire about a freight price (if needing this shipped) prior to placing the order.  This would be considered overweight and we'd need to look at a few different options.


Safety data according to the Cosmetic Ingredient Review:

  • Safe as used up to 80% of formula.


Fatty Acid Content:


  • Lauric (C12): 47.5%
  • Myristic (C14): 18.1%
  • Palmitic: 8.8%


SAP Value: 245-265


For conversion purposes: 1 Litre of coconut oil is equivalent to 908 gram (2 lb) approximately.


CAS#: 8001-31-8

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