Palm Oil, RBD, Ethically Produced

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Palm oil is a staple oil for many in soap making.  Because of its stearic acid content it adds hardness to the bar and many people use it as a substitute for lard or tallow in their formulations.  


There is much controversy about the use of Palm Oil in soap, however Creations from Eden Inc only purchases Palm that has been from a reputable, RENEWABLE source. In fact it comes from plantations where the plant is grown specifically for this purpose and reseeded once harvested. No animals, people or forested land are harmed through this process.


Note: Palm may appear grainy at times... this is due to the stearic acid component of the oil. Stearic acid melts at a higher temperature than the rest of the components in the oil. To avoid this, use even heat when melting and cool quickly. For more information about this and other graininess issues in products, please click here.


Aroma:  Little to none, being RBD.


Colour:  Pale Yellow, sometimes referred to as Yellow Palm because of this.


Consistency:  Solid at room temperature.


Common Uses:  Palm oil is mostly added to soap, in place, of lard or tallow, to produce a hard bar of soap.


INCI: Elaeis guinensis (Palm) Fruit Oil


Shelf Life: 2 years or more.


Please note:  Although we purchase this product (and many others we sell) as a food grade product, we do not sell it as such as we do not have our food handler permit.  We sell this product for external use only.  


* Please enquire about a freight price (if needing this shipped) prior to placing the order.  This would be considered overweight and we'd need to look at a few different options.

Safety data according to the Cosmetic Ingredient Review:

  • Safe as used up to 2% in formulas.  *Please note, this is referring to leave on products, not soap formulas, which are wash off products and undergo saponification.*


Fatty Acid Content:

  • palmitic acid: 44%,  
  • stearic acid: 5%
  • oleic acid: 39%  
  • linoleic acid: 10%
  • Myristic acid and lauric acid are negligible.


908 grams (2 lb) of Palm is approximately 1 Litre at room temperature.


CAS# 8002-75-3

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