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Beeswax , also known as White Wax , is secreted by the glands of the honeybee (Apis Mellifera) and is used as a building material for honey combs . Because of the highly complex composition of beeswax and its soft , pliable nature, beeswax remains an indispensable raw material for many finished products even after centuries of commercial use. 


This wax is a natural product and is unlike much of the beeswax found out there on the market, so we have been told by many of our customers. It is remarkably fragrant and a beautiful wax.


NOTE: This beeswax we feel is a superior product to the Yellow NF, however Randi is considered a beeswax snob. It is highly fragrant and still retains many of it's therapeutic properties. Being we refine the product ourselves and it is extremely time consuming and messy, we have had to increase the price on this product. 


Format: Comes in small easy to manage thin sheets you can break (we melt and pour it this way into a foil container). Nice golden colour and a beautiful honey smell. Also suitable for candles.


Common Uses: Beeswax is used for many purposes including, but not limited to, cosmetics. It hardens soap (although reduces lather, accelerates trace and causes overheating issues so it is not a good beginner addition), and can be used as a thickener or co-emulsifier (with borax) in lotions.  It is often found in balms and salves.  Please note: Beeswax is not considered a vegan product, candelilla wax or carnauba wax can be substituted in the formula.


Usage rate:  In soap add .5 oz to 1 oz per pound of soap.  In salves, beeswax is approximately 33% of your formula.  


INCI: Cera Alba


Safety data according to the Cosmetic Ingredient Review Panel:

  • "Safe as used up to 56% of your formula."


CAS#  8012-89-3

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