15 bar "Harp" Soap Cutter

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Why do we call this our "Harp" soap cutter?  Because when you are not cutting soap, you can play it like a musical instrument (well not really, but the strings make a neat sound).



This 15 bar cutter is made out of 3/4" Birch plywood (Canadian).  If you wish to apply a finish to the cutter, you can, however we recommend you do it prior to your first use.


Each wire is positioned 1 inch from the other, allowing you to cut perfect soap bars every time.  It is made specifically to work with our 4 lb wooden soap molds, but will accept most loaf sizes.


Tension can easily be adjusted with the tuning keys prior to each cut, so you never end up with slack wire.   


Each cutter comes with three replacement strings in the event of accidental breakage (from over tightening the wires).  Re-stringing is relatively easy and can be done without tools.  Additional strings will be sold separately.  


The closed unit is approximately 24 inches in length, 13 inches in width and 3 inches in height.  


*For custom cutters please email us for a quote.*. 


For operating and care instructions.  Please click here.

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