4 lb Wooden Soap Mold

These wooden molds are made out of 3/4" Birch plywood and come apart completely for easy unmolding and cleaning! Just line them, pour your soap in and VOILA!


Note these molds hold 4 pounds of soap before the cure... so by recipe weight, not cured soap, as that completely depends on the recipe itself.


Time to unmold? Just release the wingnuts and gently pull the molds apart. Every piece comes apart for easy cleaning in the nooks and crannys.


Makes a bar 3.25" x 2.25" (standard size) and thickness depends on your cut.


Who could ask for more?


Helpful hint: To easily line a soap mold, take a thin plastic cutting mat (available at Ikea), cut out 5 pieces matching the dimensions of the interior of your mold. Tape all sides together (on the outside) with masking tape forming a box. Insert into mold and VOILA! When done, just wash the liner and you are good to go again. No wrinkling, muss or fuss!

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