Soap Cutter Mitre Box and Blade

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Please note our soap cutter style has changed a bit!  We hope to get an accurate picture up soon.  When looking at the above picture, the base is the same, however, the sides only go back half way.  We found this was easier to slide the loaf through without it getting hung up on the sides.  Also, there are now 3 different bar sizes to choose from, rather than the 2.


This soap cutter comes with the blade and fits our 2 and 4 lb log molds. Just place your log in the cutter and slide it down making even cuts along the way. Can be used to cut either 4oz or 5oz bars based on the spacer used. The sides do not come off of the cutter, however the spacers come out entirely so you can cut to either a 4 oz or 5 oz thickness.


Made of 3/4" birch plywood. The blade is 100% stainless steel.  


When first purchased, the blade appears to stick in the cutter, you need to "grease" it by cutting a few bars of soap.  


** Choose this option if you have added a 2 lb or 4 lb wooden mold to your cart as well.   This price only applies if purchased with a mold. **


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