Meet the People Behind CfE

Randi Marchand-Carr (President/Director)


Well, I thought I would all let you know who I am and how CfE came to exist! Many of you do know me by now, but those that are far away might want some insight to the person on the other end of the emails.


As most of you know, my name is Randi Marchand-Carr and I am the single mother of two beautiful children (Samantha, born Feb 2006 and Logan, born Feb 2009). At times our life can get chaotic with extra curricular events and school projects.  It is these times that it gets really chaotic around here and I need my customers patience and understanding. I must admit, I do have the best customers that anyone could ask for and I have never encountered a person that did not understand the trials of motherhood and the unpredictable events that can occur that comes with having small children and a family. For this I am grateful.


As of March 2010, I hired a long time friend named Jen (more about her below) to help through the crazy times which are becoming a lot more frequent as business grows. Being that I have known her for years I knew she would be the perfect person to help get CfE whipped into shape. I also knew from past business planning (that did not pan out) that Jen and I would have no problems working together. She is a wonderful asset to CfE and I hope she will stick with us for as long as life will allow her to!


Okay, back to me... as you see, I have a tendency to stray from my original intentions often... this is actually how CfE was born. Originally the plan was to make my own natural bath and body products, get Certified as an Herbal Consultant and take the world by storm. Along the way, plans changed. I noticed that if I wanted to get the materials to make the products it was a long wait as the items had to be shipped. It bothered me, so I would order large quantities of product I figured I would use one day. Soon it occurred to me I had waaay too many ingredients and not enough time to make everything I had planned. So, I figured I would sell off some of my stock and save on the cost of the products. I built a website, and before you knew it I was receiving orders. It quickly became apparent that it was not only myself who needed materials readily available. I then began ordering items to see what they were and become familiar with it, then I would sell what I did not need. Before long I started to get busy and people started asking me where to find this and that. October 2008 Lynden House (my only competitor in Edmonton) decided to move to Saskatchewan and I had to make a serious decision... did I fill the void they were leaving? Or did I close up shop? At this point I was also pregnant with our son. As you can probably guess, I decided to keep it going and add to my inventory.


So from the initial $500 investment, a lot of hard work and with some help from friends and family, CfE is what it is now and growing rapidly. We are adding to our inventory every month and have met some wonderful people, both suppliers and customers along the way.


Being that Sam is a competitive gymnast and Logan is in Mixed Martial arts, sometimes life can get overwhelming, to say the least. This is where the understanding of our customers is crucial to our success. Once in awhile due to family circumstances we do have to close early (I update this information on our Facebook page).


So a BIG Thank you to all of you for your understanding and helping us become what we are now. We promise to continue meeting your needs where we can and hope to continue this endeavour for as long as life will allow!


Happy Creating!


Randi Marchand-Carr

Gayle Allen


Hi my name is Gayle Allen; I have two grown-up kids, Shannon and Shayne, and also two teenage grandchildren, Josie and Austin. I was born in Fairview and have lived in Alberta my entire life. I enjoy doing crosswords, puzzles and crafts. During the spring, I like being outdoors working on my yard and flower beds. I also like walking and swimming with my son. I’m a breast cancer survivor of four years and enjoy every day as it comes. I met Randi through a good friend of mine, who mentioned that Randi was looking for someone part-time, I’m still learning about the products so bear with me if I don’t know the answers. I enjoy meeting people and helping them. I hope to meet you when you come to pick-up your orders. 


Gayle joined our team in September of 2011.  She is an amazing asset to the team and has got to be the kindest, sweetest, person I have ever met.  No job is cumbersome, she is excellent with customers and I hope she sticks around for a long time.  If you get the pleasure of meeting her, you are very lucky.  ~ Randi

Jen Stogowski


I am the mother of two beautiful girls, Ariana (December 2005) and Gabrielle (July 2008).


Prior to having my children I worked as inside sales representative for a wholesale distributer in the oil and gas industry. With this job I also took it upon myself to organize and prioritize the warehouse. This is why Randi came to me for help with CfE. I am very organized and like to have things done the same way for each order. We are still working on this process but I think we have finally found a process that keeps the orders coming in and out running smoothly. I find it is taking less and less time to complete your orders and we hope it will continue to work this way.


Randi and I have been friends since 1990 (OMG it has been almost 30 years!). We have grown up together really and though our friendship has come together and grown apart we still find our way back to each other and those gaps disappear like they never happened. She is a friend I hope to have for the rest of my life. And yes, we work great together! We can bounce ideas off each other, tell each other when we messed up, can tell each other to pick up the pace or know when to say, take a break!


(Her words from back in 2012). I came into CfE with no high hopes, I had no idea if I would like it or not, and I was surprised to find myself interested in the products, the soaps and everything else. I am always asking Randi what products are good for and will hopefully one day be able to not have to rely on her for answers! I enjoy the time it gives me away from home, and that it has forced me to use my brain again! I am starting to feel like I am not just a stay at home mom again and I love the feeling. I am happy to be a part of CfE now and love helping Randi whenever I can. I look forward to seeing where CfE can take us!


Jen is a pain in my rear-end... in a good way lol.  She knows me very well and knows when to nag and takes my flightiness in stride.  She can kick me in the rear when it's needed and also pull back on the reins when needed as well.  Aside from helping with the paperwork, phone calls, receivables, orders and a zillion other tasks, she keeps me organized and focussed.  Although, often in the background, if there was an award for best supportive role in a warehouse... she would be given the honour.  ~ Randi

Mocha (The Office "Guard" Dog)


Mocha came into Randi's family in 2005 (at 8 weeks old) when Randi discovered she was expecting little Samantha.  At the time she had a very needy Siberian husky (Tundra) who needed a companion for when the baby came. Tundra got the pick of the litter and chose Mocha, the Malamute/Golden Retriever, to be her companion.  Unfortunately, in the summer of 2007, Tundra met her untimely death in a horrible accident and Mocha lost her best friend.  Over time, Mocha became closer and closer to Randi (and the kids) and they became inseparable.  


In August 2010, when CfE moved to the warehouse, it was only natural that Mocha lay at Randi's feet in the office area where she is comfortable and happy.  So, CfE now has a mascot and a greeter at the door whenever Randi is at the warehouse.  Mocha considers the office her second home and knows that she is not to be in the warehouse with the product.  She's a smart, friendly, quiet dog who will give everyone love, if they allow it, especially children.  At 12.5 years old, she's getting lazier (which is hard, being she's the laziest dog in history) and is very content laying on the office floor, rather than being alone at home during the day.  On sunny, warm days, you may find her lying outside the office, in front of the window, stretched out basking in the sun.  


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