A Thought About Preservatives

The reason Health Canada wants you to register your products is so that in the event of something happening, such as allergic reactions, product preservation problems, etc... they can trace it to the manufacturer and get the products pulled off the shelf. They then add that product to their list of products (visible to the public via their website) as a recalled product and send out a Health advisory about it. 


So, what is the problem here? 

  1. If your product gets pulled due to preservation issues... it will cost you WAYYYY more money to scrap all that product than it was to get it tested in the first place. And I can pretty much guarantee the government is NOT going to foot the bill when they have their independant tests done via their lab of choice. 
  2. Nobody is going to trust your company name again... so you lose credibility and sales. Which leads to a bigger loss financially. 
  3. Unless you fix that product and prove it to Health Canada, you cannot sell it again. And then if you do, will people buy it? 
  4. Improperly preserved products can lead to death in people that have compromised immune systems. What could be a simple staph infection in most, isn't always a simple cure... I have a customer who is a nurse and she was telling me how staph infections can kill certain individuals. And realistically all it takes is an improperly preserved cream or lotion that has a higher microbial count than the norm... by the time you see the growth on it, the plate count is sick. 
  5. Litigation... if you have legal action brought against you... the home crafter cannot survive this type of drawback. Insurance (provided you are insured) will most likely not cover negligence... which is what this would be considered. 


So... that is the jist of it and why proper preservation is so important. It should be taken seriously. For peace of mind, I would pay the $30USD to get the product tested (especially if you sell it) every 3 months or so to make sure your preservative is holding up. You only need to have your formula and processes tested once, provided you stick with it. Any alterations made to it, would mean you would have to retest, but that would be why you would get your final formulation that you plan to market tested rather than getting each test batch done. Face it... not everything made is worthy of selling... save your testing dollars for the really good stuff.

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