Why We Do Not Carry Most Nut Oils

I thought I would add a little note about why we do not, and will not, stock or special order in nut oils (with the exception of almond oil).  I, Randi Carr, am anaphylatically allergic to tree nuts and peanuts.  Rather than chance death at work, we have ensured that Creations from Eden is a tree nut and peanut free environment.  


The reason we do have almond oil is because at one time I accidently came into contact with it and realized that it did not affect me.  My understanding is that a person who is allergic to nuts is allergic to the protein, and the oils do not have the protein, but being I know with 110% that hazelnuts and walnuts will kill me within minutes, I choose not to play russian roulette with the oils. 


So as much as I hate to say it, please get your nut products elsewhere.  For those of you that also have a nut allergy, rest assured we know the importance of cross contamination and how lethal it can be and if you do have allergies to anything, please know we will facilitate you in any way we can as we do carry some high allergen products (such as soy products).  


Thank you for your understanding!


~ Randi Carr

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