Cold Process Soap Recipes

Basic Cold Process Soap Beginner Recipe

When first learning how to make Cold Process Soap, here is a basic guideline for you to formulate.


  • 30% Palm Oil (Refined)
  • 30% Coconut Oil 76
  • 35% Other oils and butters, or mixture.
  • 5% Castor Oil


Choose the oils and butters you wish to incorporate into the 35% above.  Run your recipe through a lye calculator (SoapCalc is my favorite) to find out the quantity of lye and water you need for your recipe.  Many lye calculators will give you what to expect for qualitites in your finished product, play with your chosen oils and watch how these qualities change.  Soon you will have soap! 

Cocoa Butter Soap Recipe (Randi's Recipe)


Cocoa Butter Soap on the Left.

Oil Phase

  • Castor oil 10%
  • Coconut Oil, 76 Degree  25%
  • Palm oil  25%
  • Cocoa Butter (any type, I used the African natural)  15%
  • Jojoba Oil  5%
  • Sweet Almond Oil 20%


Superfatted at 5%, 30% Water Discount.

~ For approximately 1LB of soap I used the following:

  • Water  114 gm
  • Lye (NaOH) 41.597 gm  (Double check with a lye calculator! I could have done a typo!)

Oil Phase


  • Castor Oil  30 gm
  • Coconut Oil, 76 degree  75 gm
  • Palm oil  75 gm
  • Cocoa Butter  45 gm
  • Jojoba Oil  15 gm
  • Almond Oil, Sweet  60 gm


  • Fragranced with 12.94 gm of Cocoa Absolute

For the Peppermint Swirl soap pictured.  I made 2 batches, one with Natural Cocoa Butter which I coloured with Apple Green mica and fragranced with Indian Peppermint Essential oil  (subbing for recipe above), the other with the exact recipe above.


Review on this recipe:

"This is my husband's favourite soap. It's a hard bar that lasts with good lather and leaves the skinfeeling nice. There are no colourants so it doesn't stain the sink. This Peppermint is such an invigorating and clean smell in the morning it helps him wake up to get to work for 7am. now if there was only an aftershave with a similar smell! Hint hint..." 



Hemp & Shea Cold Process Soap (Randi's Recipe)

  • Hemp oil (Unrefined)  25%
  • Castor Oil 10%
  • Palm Oil 20%
  • Coconut Oil 20%
  • Jojoba Oil 5%
  • Shea Butter 20%


  • Water as a percent of oil weight: 30%
  • Superfat 5%


**Use a lye calculator to get your measurements.  I am posting these as percents because I do make typos and I would like everyone to know how to use a lye calculator to verify their recipe before they go ahead and make it.  

Lavender Facial Soap Bar (Randi's Recipe)

The quantities listed make a 4 lb batch of soap.

Oil Phase:


  • Palm Oil 15 %   (180 gm)
  • Babassu oil 10% (120 gm)
  • Coconut Oil 76 Degree 25% (300 gm)
  • Jojoba Oil 5% (60 gm)
  • Beeswax 5% (60 gm)
  • Neem Oil 5% (60 gm)
  • Castor Oil 10% (120 gm)
  • Hemp Oil (I used unrefined) 10%  (120 gm)
  • Avocado nutributter 15% (180 gm)  I went with Avocado butter in the lye calculator on Soap Calc for this one.

Water Phase:

  • Distilled Water   360 gm
  • NaOH  165 gm

Fragrance & Other:

  • 134.4 gm  Lavender Essential Oil (I used Barrame for this batch)
  • Added about 30 gm of Borage oil after trace (okay, I forgot to keep notes on this one).

Other information:

  • Water as a percent of oil weight 30%
  • Super Fat 5%
  • Lye Concentration 31.429%


Mango Butter Cold Process Soap (Randi's Luxury Recipe)


Oil Phase:

  • Avocado Oil 120 gm (10%)
  • Sunflower Oil, High Oleic 60 gm (5%)
  • Coconut Oil, 76 Degree 300 gm (25%)
  • Mango Butter 120 gm (10%)
  • Palm oil 300 gm (25%)
  • Castor Oil 60 gm (5%)
  • Olive Oil 180 gm (15%)
  • Rosehip Oil 60 gm (5%)


  • NaOH (Lye)  169.07 gm


5% Superfat, Above recipe makes 4lb of soap

Below is a pic of the Cool Water Type Fragrance batch I made coloured with Coral Reef Blue Mica, Ultramarine Blue and Titanium Dioxide.



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