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Winter Moisturizing Lotion Recipe

(Randi's recipe adapted from Swift's original recipe on the Point of Interest! Blog)

Water Phase:

  • Lavender Water 42.00%
  • Aloe Vera Gel 10.00%
  • Distilled Water 15.00%
  • Sodium lactate 2.00%
  • Hydrolyzed Silk 2.00%

Oil Phase:

  • Camellia Seed Oil 4.00%
  • Jojoba Oil 3.00%
  • Rosehip oil 3.00%
  • Ricebran oil 4.00%
  • Squalane 2.00%
  • Cetyl alcohol 2.00%
  • BTMS 4.00%

Cool Down Phase:

  • Vitamin E 0.50%
  • Honeyquat 3.00%
  • Fragrance 0.00% (Add to taste after)
  • Optiphen Plus 1.00%
  • Panthenol 2.00%
  • Allantoin 0.50%

Total 100.00%

It's a  fast penetrating, quick drying lotion, that is thick, but still works in squeeze bottles. 

It leaves a silky/satiny finish when dry and stays even through hand washing.  Not the most inexpensive lotion to make, but it works very well.

My method:
Heat your water phase and oil phase (I do this in two double boilers) to 70C...  you can hold it at that temp for 20 minutes like Swift does, or if you are like me, and temperature holding deficient (I accidently go over 70C and hit more like 80C and then have to remove them from the heat and let cool.... it takes a long time to get back down to 70 lol)... Anyhow, once cooled down to 70C again, pour your oil phase into your water phase (some people reverse this, I have always done it this way and been successful) and stick blend until fully emulsified.  Check your temp...  now for this part, I don't stand there and mix forever waiting for it to cool... I walk away from it, do the dishes, etc.... I give it a good blend now and then...  at 45C or so add your Cool Down phase and give it another good blend... don't forget to scrape the sides throughout all of this to incorporate it all.  I then pour into bottles.  I generally fragrance my lotion later, when I know what I am going to do with it... if you already know, go ahead and add it to your cool down phase.

VOILA lotion!

- You have completely sanitized everything and followed general lotionmaking sanitizing practices.


Regenerative Rose Facial Cream

(Randi's Recipe)

A thick, thick, non-greasy cream that rubs in silky soft!


Water phase:

  • Rose Water (You can replace with Distilled Water)    60.50%
  • Hydrolyzed Silk Powder     2.00%


Oil Phase:

  • Calendula Oil   13.50%
  • Jojoba Oil           4.00%
  • Rosehip oil         3.00%
  • Mango butter      4.00%
  • Virgin Oil de Coco Creme         4.00%
  • Borage oil          1.50%
  • Ewax NF            5.00%
  • Stearic Acid       0.50%

Cool Down:

  • Fragrance (I used Rose Absolute Replacer)                 0.60%
  • Cosmocil               0.40%
  • Allantoin                0.50%
  • Vitamin E               0.50%


Foot Lotion Recipe

Courtesy of Maple Creek Soapworks


Water Phase:

  • 52.5 % Distilled Water
  • 10% Glycerin


Oil Phase:

  • 14% shea butter
  • 5% sweet almond oil
  • 5% mango butter
  • 5% ewax
  • 2% stearic acid


Cool Down Phase:

  • 3% Menthol Crystals (dissolved in essential oils below).
  • 1% vitamin E
  • 1% white grapefruit essential oil
  • 0.5% peppermint essential oil
  • 1% preservative (adjust according to manufacturer specifications, adjust your water content if the percentage changes)

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