Melt and Pour Soap Recipes

Randi's Shaving Soap Recipe (Sorta, from a forum post).


Well it was a hit this Christmas...  I apparently nailed the scent and slip.

What did I do?  I went to Michael's and bought these cute coffee mugs that have lids.

Then I melted 2LBS of Shaving Soap Base in my double boiler.  

Then I added 2tbsp or so (I didn't measure used a larger plastic spoon that was heaping and put two of them in) of Kaolin Clay.  

Then I stirred (I actually used the Stick Blender as I was in a REAL hurry, forgot I had not done that part of the XMas gifts yet).  Then once it was about 110F I added 4mL's of the Sandalwood Replacer Essential Oil Blend and 6mL's of the Vanilla Replacer.  

Stirred it up well (making sure I got the clay off the bottom) and poured into 3 mugs (that is where I went wrong... evidently you do not FILL shaving mugs, you need a place for the brush to sit... I got a lesson from my StepDad who only uses shaving soap.).  Anyhow, it has great slip and the scent is AMAZING (my favorite blend actually).  

So if you need a nice quick NATURAL Father's Day or Men's gift, here it is.  Takes about 30 minutes because of the melting soap.  Even the kids can make it.

And as an aside... I made Shaving Soap last year that was not so good.  My StepDad and hubby are very honest.  Being they are honest they also told me what was wrong with it... it needed more slip.  This year when my StepDad opened his goody bag he dragged me to the bathroom and made me watch him shave.  The whole time he was like an Herbal Essence commercial rofl.  So, I think I nailed it this year   Yes, I should have weighed the clay.


Update:  The following year I also added a little but of allantoin to the soap and hubby said it was much better again.


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