Mineral Makeup Recipes: Blushes

Courtesy of Rowana E.


When you're making blushes you really start customizing your product. At least I did. I have a darker complexion so I find I'm always tweaking the color grind to make it darker. My co-worker likes it lighter.

Those of you who are artistically inclined will have no trouble. Those of you who are like me who find the color blending the hard part, I strongly suggest you buy a colour wheel. It will save you a lot of time and ingredients. Swift's recipes are a great place to start. 

TRANSLUCENT BASE (by volume, not weight)

  • 3 tbsp treated sericite mica
  • 1 tsp micronospheres
  • 3/16 tsp or 6 scoops calcium carbonate or kaolin clay (for oil control, optional)
  • 3/16 tsp or 6 scoops powdered silk 1/16 tsp or
  • 2 scoops allantoin Finished amount: 52.5 ml (dry powder)
  • Or for someone with dry skin
  • 3 tbsp myristate treated sericite mica
  • 1 tbsp micronospheres
  • 3/16 tsp or 6 scoops powdered silk
  • 1/16 or 2 scoops allantoin



  • 4 tbsp treated sericite mica (myristate treated mica for dry skin)
  • 1 tbsp titanium dioxide
  • 1 tsp dry flo
  • 1/2 tsp zinc oxide
  • 2 scoops silk powder
  • 1 scoop allantoin
  • 3 scoops calcium carbonate or kaolin clay


The first recipe you can squish in a bag. The second, I would strongly recommend grinding it. 


This next recipe I found posted on TBK's forum, originally by Face Value I believe, and is a lot of fun.

  • 2.5 g/ 1 level tsp TKB Base
  • 1.25 g blush beige mica
  • .8g  scoops Raspberry Pop! 
  • .1g scoop Blueberry Pop! 
  • .2 g Tangerine Pop! 


I find this too light but I can reduce the amount of blush beige and add something darker. It's easy to incorporate the micas you already have. You can also substitute a more matte mica of you don't want the shine. I prefer using my small scale for this one. But you can figure it out with the set of 5 (from TKB Trading). The Pinch is .5, the smidgen is .1 and the drop is .05. The matte colors or tiny amounts of oxides will increase the addhesion which increases the wearing time. However a make-up remover might be needed.


**Please note the POP! Micas have been discontinued by the manufacturer.**

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