How Do I Use This Site?

So you have a new site... any new features and information I should know?

We thoroughly hope you find this site easier to use!  There are a few changes in the way we now do things which are outlined below.
All online orders receive a 2% discount at the checkout.  Orders over $500 before tax and shipping receive an additional 3% discount when checking out.  


Rather than playing telephone tag with people to collect credit card information over the phone, we now have the ability to take your credit card information over the web.  Rest assured this is very secure and we do not process your card until shipping is confirmed and the order is ready to go.  Once run through, we destroy your information and do not keep any card details.  


New customers are required to supply us credit card information or a PayPal payment prior to processing the order.  Unfortunately, we have seen an increasing number of orders placed that never receive payment and end up restocked, which costs us both time and money and makes it difficult for our paying customers.  If you are a customer who has a long history of payment with Creations from Eden, other payment options are available.  Please contact us when you set up your account so we can enable this function.  This is ONLY available to customers who have a positive payment history with us!


Shipping is calculated as an estimate.  Our shopping cart may underestimate the dollar amount (especially with orders out East and packaging orders).  If this is the case we will contact you with the new shipping amount prior to running your credit card through.  If you paid PayPal we will ask for the balance owed via a PayPal request.



An item appears but I cannot choose it to place it in my cart.

Those items are out of stock.  We have left the price and sizing on the website so you can see what we normally carry and the approximate price, however you cannot select that option because we do not have any at the time.


What do I do if I have an addition to add to my order?

If your order is still in the "pending", "new" or "processing" stage, please send us an email with any additions to your order.  This site has the ability to add on to your existing order.  If your order is marked as any other status, it will be treated as a new order, so please submit a new order.  For shipped orders, the status gets changed to shipped as soon as the label is printed and the box is sealed.  We cannot add to your order at this point.  


I had an account with you on your last site, but my login and password are not working!

We have decided due to multiple accounts and the retrieve password function not working on the last site, to start over.  Please register a new account on this site.  Sorry for the inconvenience.


Are you going to be adding pictures to the site?

Yes we are.  Being that the other site was slowly falling apart, we decided the pictures were not as important as getting the site up and running.  Pictures will be added as time allows.


I found a glitch, what do I do?

Being a new site, we have tested it repeatedly, however sometimes glitches go unseen.  If you have found a glitch or error of sorts, please let us know via our contact us page.


Why can I only add 10 items to my cart?

If you have not created or logged into your account, the site only allows 10 items at a time.  Ensure you are logged in and then there will be no maximum to the number of items you add to your cart.  


I placed an order with your company, yet it appears nobody has contacted me and my order status in my account says "Awaiting Direction".  What does this mean?

Our method of contact is via email.  Your status will change to "Awaiting Direction" when we need to confirm shipping charges with you or discuss your order with you.  If you have not received an email from us, please check your junkmail folder.  The email address must be an allowed email for many email providers such as hotmail ot yahoo or the spam filter will send our emails to your junkmail.  This also means that if you have not received your email order confirmation soon after you placed your order (within minutes), that we will not be able to contact you via this method even if you use our contact us form.  We normally do not phone for follow ups unless specifically requested as it does not fit within our normal order fulfillment procedures.  











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