Who is the Cosmetic Ingredient Review?

Many of our listings reference the safety data and information as indicated by the Cosmetic Ingredient Review (CIR).  We feel this is the most accurate and unbiased safety information available pertaining to cosmetic ingredients.  The CIR weighs their data according to the following categories:


  • Safe ingredients — Ingredients safe in the practices of use (product categories) and concentrations of use for each product category as documented in the safety assessment.
  • Unsafe ingredients — These are ingredients with specific adverse effects that make them unsuitable for use in cosmetics.
  • Safe ingredients, with qualifications — The Panel may reach the conclusion that an ingredient can be used safely, but only under certain conditions. Qualifications frequently relate to maximum concentration, but may also address rinse-off versus leave-on uses and other restrictions.
  • Ingredients for which the data are insufficient — If the Panel reaches an “insufficient data” conclusion, it does not state whether the ingredient is safe or unsafe. The Panel is, however, describing a situation in which the available data do not support safety. The specific data that would allow the Panel to complete its assessment always are identified.


For more information about this panel, please view their website.

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