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Soapmaking Knowledge and Calculators:

  • Miller's Homemade Soap Page ~ Everything you ever wanted to know about soap and how to make it!
  • Soap Making Essentials ~ Another soapmaking resource that you must reference!  Includes recipes and a lot more!
  • Nizzy's Whipped Soap ~ Ever wondered how to make whipped soap that floats?  Here is a tutorial!
  • SoapCalc ~ Our favorite lye calculator!  If you ask for our help, this is what we will walk you through to achieve your desired formula.  Once you know how to use this, your soaping world expands exponentially!  

The Best Resources Available!

  • Point of Interest! Blog ~ Everything you want to know about the ingredients used in the industry, plus recipes, how-to's and more!  Susan, in our world, is the Martha Stewart of the industry in Canada.
  • TeachSoap ~ A site created by Anne-Marie of Brambleberry with many tutorials, how-to's and other interesting tidbits of information.  We like it, so we are sharing it with you :)
  • Soap Scent Review Forum ~ Reviews from real people about all the fragrances and essential oils available and how they perform in soap and body care products.  Join the forum!  A wealth of knowledge!

Cosmetic Regulations and Safety Information:

Finished Products:

If you are looking for the finished product made from our ingredients, please take a look at the websites below.


Cosmetic Efficacy and Challenge Testing in Canada


Cosmetic Efficacy and Challenge Testing in the USA


As I learn of more, I will post them here for your reference.


The links above are provided because we feel the content may be of interest to you.  Creations from Eden Inc. is not responsbile for the content on these websites.

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